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1st choice in home renovation

Photo Gallery

Waverly Waverly before before any work begins view from south 193694939 before before work view from north 193694940 before drive way view 193694941 before rear of house 193694942 before back yard 193694943 before yard to house view 193694944 before front entrance before work 193694945 before before living room 193694946 before living room 193694947 before front bed room before 193694948 before bed room 193694949 before dinning room gota love wall paper 193694950 before dinning room 193694951 before master bed room 193694952 before bath room 193694953 before bath room 193694954 before bath room ceiling 193694955 before back bed room 193694956 before kitchen 193694957 before kitchen 193694958 before eat in kitchen area 193694959 before rear mud room 193694960 before mud room looking into yard 193694961 before basement 193694962 before basement 193694963 before basement 193694964 before basement 193694965 before basement 193694966 before basement 193694967 before basement 193694968 after basement wall 193694969 193694970 after kitchen looking from eating area 193694971 after kitchen before counter tops 193694972 after basement laundry area 193694973 after basement laundry room 193694974 during bath room with new tub and drywall done 193694975 during close up new tub 193694976 druing counter top and back splash 193694977 during counter top and back splash 193694978 during the beginning of back patio 193694979 after back patio and siding completed 193694980 after kitchen completed 193694981 after kitchen completed 193694982 after living room completed 193694983 after living room completed 193694984 after looking from living room to dinning room done 193694985 after bath room completed 193694986 after master bed room done 193694987 after front bed room done 193694988 after front bed room done 2nd view 193694989 after dinning room 193694990 after front br done 193694991 after front bed room done 193694992